Unit tests

Running unit tests

RL-Scope has both python and C++ unit tests, which can be run either separately or all together.

To run all unit tests (i.e., both python and C++):

[container]$ rls-unit-tests

To run only C++ unit tests:

[container]$ rls-unit-tests --tests cpp

Output should look like:


To run only python unit tests:

[container]$ rls-unit-tests --tests py

Output should look like:


Python unit tests

Python unit tests made are using the pytest testing framework. Unit tests are written in the same module as the function they are testing. To locate unit tests, search for def test_ in a file.

C++ unit tests

C++ unit tests are made using the gtest testing framework. Unit tests are any/all files rooted under test whose filename matches test_*.[cc|cpp]. All unit tests are compiled into the rls-test binary.